A Miners Life

A miners life is a repetitive one, but absolutely vital to the industrial cycle   Their goal is to gather as much rare precious ore as possible and profit.  A mine is literally the one who provides fuel and ore for every other player in the game.  They are always in demand by corporations and alliances.  A miner can trade access to rare minerals by staying in the safety of Empire Space or they can risk ship and limb to get some of the rarest minerals in the game.

Miners often band together with other players, usually from their corporation, for safety and protection.  A group of miners often have a massive support ship called a orca or roqual that they use to transfer minerals to.  This saves them time and effort by not having to haul the minerals back to the station themselves.  The more time the spend in the asteroid belt, the more ore they can accumulate.  The more ore they accumulate, the isk they can get.

It is the job of every miner to figure out the best way to make a profit.  The goal for every miner is the accumulation of wealth, and the successful ones often spend hours doing research.  Research on where to mine undisturbed or where to find the rarest minerals and ores. Some miners even go a step farther to use exploration to find rare ore sites within Empire Space!

The universe revolves around mining.  Think of it this way, we couldn't drink orange juice if someone didn't go orange picking.  There needs to be someone who is willing to go into the orchard and pick some damn fruit.  Miners are those guys! Ore, gases, and minerals are the very lifeblood of the game.  Wars are fought over access to the rarest and best minerals.  Small fortunes are made every day by miners with access to these precious rocks. Fleet commands can command massive mining fleets that can literally strip asteroid belts bare. They can change the shape and appearance of the universe for thousands of other players.  The universe is yours! Take it!