A Pirates Life

A pirates life is full of excitement and wonder.  They can amass huge treasures by robbing and stealing from other players, but they can also be hunted.  Pirates do not follow any rules or codes of ethics; they simply do as they please.  The life can be unimaginably difficult, with limited access to ships and equipment.  The professionals live on the outskirts of the universe and never venture into Empire Space for fear of Concord.

The creative pirates often fool police by maintain a high security status, and venture into the rich plump land that is Empire Space.  There they find nice fat and greasy industrial pilots sitting in defenseless ships ripe for the picking.  They often lay in wait on heavily traveled stargates for the opportunity of a life time.  Once a victim falls into their trap they spring into life, often killing them before the police can respond.  The pirate sacrifices his ship as a distraction, while his brothers in arms quickly steal what precious cargo survived the encounter.

Other pirates patrol low security space looking for daring miners or risk-taking traders looking to make a little bit of extra isk from this lawless space.  They often band together with others to control sections of space so they only can reap the rewards.  The nasty pirates often trap the risk takers and demand isk for safe passage, and often the defenseless miners and traders will pay just to be able to leave with their ships intact.

Some pirates are masters of deception and attempt to infiltrate alliances and corporations with only one goal in mind, to steal.  They can spend months attempting to get access to the coffers of the wealthy but naive corporations.  They build trust like it is a commodity, and they cash it in just as such.  These pirates cripple whole corporations and alliances by transferring their war chest to their private hanger.  They steal every isk that they have access to in the corporations wallet.

The life of a pirate is nothing but exciting.  They enjoy complete freedom, but are often hunted by others.  Other players and ever other pirates hunt down pirates with a vengeance.  A pirate can spend just as much time running as they do hunting.  The universe is yours! Take it!