A PVP Pilot

PVP pilots make up the masses of Eve-Online, but they are anything but dull and boring.  Every pilot in the game can influence the game on a epic scale.  They can participate in massive fleet battles consisting of thousands and thousands of players.  These battles can change the tide of wars, and literally reshape the face that is Eve.

PVP pilots can pilot massive ships called super capitals.  These super capitals literally take a massive alliance wide effort to build.  Industrial pilots take months assembling these ships in huge alliance wide super capital assembly arrays.  While these ships are under construction they are extremely vulnerable to attack, and it takes every pilot in the alliance to protect the construction.  Miners and pacifists are often forced to take up arms in massive call to arms to protect these ships.

The few pilots that are able to command the respect of others in the game can obtain ranks that is only dreamed of by the masses.  The pilots and literally command the masses.  They assemble armies to do their biding; to follow every order without question.  They need to have the cool of a fight pilot while staring down the barrow of a gun as they have the lives of thousands of other players in their hands.  One small mistake, one wrong order can be the difference between life and death for everyone that they are commanding.

The newest player can have the most profound effect on the game.  They often pilot small tacklers that prevent pilots from escaping from losing battles.  A new player can be the only thing keeping a super capital in place while the alliance is attempting to blow it out of the sky.  The universe is yours! Take it!